State-of-the-Art Digital Imaging
Top of the line equipment that produces optimal images.

Wheelchair Accessible
We have a wheelchair-accessible environment .

Our highly trained staff is available and ready to help you.

Keswick Advanced Imaging

Located in a very convenient location on the corner of Woodbine Ave and Glenwood Ave, Keswick Advanced Imaging brings the most advanced Radiology services to serve the thriving community of Georgina County

  • The Clinic is rebuilt from the grounds up with patient service, comfort and ease in access at the heart of the design
  • Best in class radiology services to ensure efficient use of patient time

Fully Digital Services

To speed up patient process and result acquisition. Fully digital, end to end, means faster, more reliable, simply better services.

From scheduling to actual examination, the clinic employs cutting edge Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving Communication System where patient study is available in real time to our experienced Radiologists for reading resulting in fast processing for all studies.

We are part of the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP).


State of the Art Imaging

We use top of the line equipment that produces optimal images and supports a more efficient workflow.


Patient Care & Comfort

Our focus is ensuring the best experience and medical care. We care for our patients and are dedicated to provide impeccable service.


Health and Well-Being

Your health is our focus and that is why we utilize state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment for fast, accurate results.

Whether you need Bone Density, X-Ray and Ultrasound

Our professional and highly-trained staff help deliver radiology services